Like many bars, the story of the Green Room started with a question: What is an eco-friendly or "Green" bar? How "Green" could you get it? Is it possible to turn one of man-kind's greatest past times into an environmentally friendly activity so that future generations could live to see and enjoy the amazing playground that is Key West, Florida? Can we create a bar that actually has a net positive impact on the surrounding environment?


After enough debate, it was decided that the only way to find out was to execute the idea in the area of the world where it would have the most significant environmental impact and measure the results. The idea of transforming every day activities into environmentally positive impact events is one that serial entrepreneurs Blake and Catherine Feldman are familiar with. Having succesfully navigated the feature film industry with such succesful feature releases as "Damn Frank,"  "Lights," and "It Can Be Done," the power couple are now following their passion for the environment and implementing their previous Bar turn-around strategy last used in Savannah, Georgia's top ranked Tree House Tavern among other previous ventures to revive an old Key West eyesoar last known as Stinky Pete's $5 T-Shirt Shop on Duval Street in the heart of the famous Duval Bar District.



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