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Joe The Show

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Fans say that Joe the Show combines the sensibilities of John Mayer, the power and edge of Ben Harper, and the electrifying stage presence of Dave Matthews Band in a new and exciting way. Joe has performed in a variety of venues from coast to coast. After a long stint at the forefront of bands such as Knoxville, Tennessee’s Bullet Groove as well as various projects in Los Angeles, Joe has distilled his experience into Joe the Show. Drawing from a catalog of insightful electrifying originals and crowd-pleasing covers, Joe the Show promises to keep fans on their feet all night and humming long after the show is over. With the ability to deliver a commanding electric show with his full band for over four hours or an unwound acoustic session supported by upright bass and keys, versatility is at the heart of this project. Joe’s musical prowess doesn’t end with the guitar and lead vocals. He is also an accomplished drummer, bassist, and pianist playing all instruments when in the studio. On the road, he has assembled a stellar band with the best talent the Southeast has to offer.


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